Michael Damien Jicha Photography

micjic photography

Philadelphia based photographer primarily photographing portraits, head shots and fashion. I’ve been using photography to create work over the last four decades. After I finished art school I photographed landscapes, still lifes and portraits which has now evolved into this digital practice.

 This series is a photographic interpretation of impressionist, post impressionist and surrealist painters. I'm influenced by the movement, color, texture and subject matter of painters like Rene Magritte, Giovanni Boldini, and John Singer Sargent.

 To achieve these qualities I use post photographing tools such as cloning, healing, drawing and dodging and burning. I use the drawing tool to "paint" color on the photograph. Cloning and healing add texture and the dodging and burning add depth.

 The title of the series “project 1910 impressions of diversity” comes from the fact that the term post-impression was first used in 1910

Mike Jicha